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There is limited information available about the ancient period of Kerala history.

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This is because there is hardly any written record left from the time nor is there enough evidence to prove them. Back to Top This period can be dated from the beginning of the Christian era to the middle of the 7 century.

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There are many myths and speculations about the creation of Kerala and its early periods. The oldest record about Kerala is found in one of the rock edict by emperor Asoka dating back to B. 'Sanghams' were assemblies or s of poets which were in existence in various parts of the Pandiyan Empire.

Tourism in <em>Kerala</em> Things to do in <em>Kerala</em>
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According to Hindu mythology, Kerala was created by Parasuram, one of the avathars (incarnation) of Maha Vishnu. The aim of these Sanghams was to encourage poetic arts.Tourism in Kerala - pedia

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